“Drive purchase of Centrum products by simplifying navigation and self-selection at shelf via a permanent shelf solution”

Case Study: Centrum VMS Perm Shelf Solution (Chemist Warehouse)



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Centrum CWH Perm Self Solution





In pharmacy channels, the Vitamins (VMS) category is somewhat complex, confusing, and often overwhelming with a multitude of brands and product types competing for shopper attention on shelf.  Amongst the clutter, current store layout presents lack of visibility and choice complexity. On-shelf offering a multitude of brands and product types with unclear benefits can challenge the Shopper at any step in their purchase journey.

1 in 2 shoppers will walk away and purchase from competitor if they can’t find what they’re looking for or selection becomes too difficult.

Brief Objective: “Drive purchase of Centrum products by simplifying navigation and self-selection at shelf via an effective permanent shelf solution” across Chemist Warehouse Stores.

Some key challenges Shoppers face in CWH include.

Range & Findability:

  • Vast range and layout = overwhelming, confusing, intimidating
  • Environment = Shelves often in disarray and overdone with signage particularly sales tickets. Aisles are also very narrow


  • Sheer number of items on promotion can confound decision-making

Design & Store Considerations:

  • Develop appropriate comms strategy and effective perm structural hardware solution
  • Solution cannot cover any product facing – products must be easy to access
  • Consider tray/strip sizing limitations – 900mm length. approx20-30mm lip height
  • Product needs to be elevated to sit on a tray to avoid shelf strip comms covering
  • Solution must use CWH clear product dividers
  • No wobblers, side blades, bus stop highlighters protruding out from shelf

Our Approach…

We took on the challenge and delivered a well-designed and visually impactful modular permanent shelf solution.

Our simple yet effective solution ultimately delivered a clean layout for maximum visual impact on shelf.

Activating one entire bay (8 shelves), our Permanent Category solution helped increase brand and product visibility across the entire Centrum VMS category by clarifying and simplifying the product navigation process to provide the shopper journey a more positive experience with higher levels of shopper engagement and enhance shopper’s self-selection process to drive purchase.


  • Each shelf features 1 tray at 900mm wide with a generic size depth that fits all CWH existing shelf depths.
  • 8 shelves per plus a hero header card
  • Trays were designed to elevate all products up from existing shelves and provide sufficient branding on front lip area of tray for shelf stripping communications.
  • Each tray fitted with a front T-rail to allow clear dividers to easily clip onto.
  • Shelf strips printed directedly on magnets that can easily adhere to the front lip of our trays – no double tape required eliminating any unnecessary use of plastic stripping and minimizing components. This is easy to frequently update.
  • A soft blend of colours on the printed shelf strips changes to match spectrum of colours according to the product SKU to help drive product recognition. These colours reflect the spectrum of life stages and full range of product benefits (such as Energy, Vision, Immune, Mind, Mood etc..
  • This unique colour coded system aids shopper’s navigation, product identification, making it quicker and easier for self-selection process that is appealing and/or relevant to shopper’s need states.
  • Different colours reflecting the pain states becomes easier for customers to locate specific items quickly – saves time, reduce confusion, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • The header features the Centrum logo underlined with the Ellipses spectrum, which symbolizes the journey taken on advancement towards wellness – the dots are the final stretch to achieving wellness goals. Prominently placed at the top of the bay, it’s hard to miss the brand at proximity. This helps drive awareness and traffic to on-shelf destination area.
  • Collective use of header, shelf strip colour coded system and overall comms strategy really aims to drive Centrum brand unity and consideration across the entire range whilst reinforcing the Centrum brand tagline ‘Live Colourful’ to create a consistent visual brand journey in store.











Some key takes:
  • Increased visibility: Well-merchandised shelves ensure that products are prominently displayed and easily visible to customers. This increases the chances of a product catching the shopper’s attention and ultimately leads to higher sales.
  • Improved customer experience: When products are organized in a logical and user-friendly manner, it enhances the shopping experience for customers. They can quickly find what they need, leading to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Efficient space utilization: Effective and efficient shelf management allows retailers to optimize the use of available shelf space.
  • Effective category management: Shelf management plays a key role in category management, which involves managing and optimizing product assortments within a specific category.
  • Brand consistency: Unified shelf management helps maintain brand consistency by ensuring that products are displayed according to the brand’s guidelines. This helps reinforce the brand image and create a cohesive shopping experience for customers.



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