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Amplifying brand visibility through clever retail presence hardware engineering!

POPP Unlimited were tasked with the design and production of a semi-permanent counter solution that is:

✔️ multi-functional
✔️ multi-activation
✔️ multi-pack size merchandiser
✔️ multi-brand reskinning
✔️ multi-touch point placement
✔️ multi-channel execution
✔️ multi-sustainable substrates

Our All-in-One multi-purpose merchandising solution did just that – activated across multiple touch points:

➡️ On-counter display unit
➡️ FOS security wire hang-sell
➡️ Aisle pole hang-sell
➡️ Side + wing-end parasite hang-sell
➡️ Express check out railing hang-sell
➡️ off location FSDU parasite hang-sell

Check here to watch video: Panadol Gravity Feed Hangsell Counter Unit


What makes our design unique & innovative?

  • A smart internal vertical chute system designed with different heights to accept different size packs allowing multi pack dispensing without any adjustments required.
  • Features a dual dispensing track (2 rows of gravity feed chutes- one in front of each other) for space optimization and maximum stock holding.
  • Internal side channels that guide packs to vertically dispense in a neat and efficient manner.
  • Display dispenses only 1 pack at a time (minimize anti-swiping) with full pack visibility at the base opening.
  • Curved front lip profile allows for easy dispensing of individual packs whilst bringing the pack to front for maximum product visibility. Additionally, a clear PETG clip-on cover to house graphic fascia visible from all 3 sides of the display for maximum branding & communication visibility.
  • Built-in hinged clear rear base support strut that folds away when used as a hang sell and hinges forward for support when placed on counter.
  • Back of display facilitates for attachments of S-clip and Cable ties, to cater for most store fixtures and maximize placement opportunities.
  • Open-top design enables easy product replenishment to minimize restocking time and maximize pack sales.
  • Robust and Durable to provide in-store longevity.
  • Materials used in main construction are 100% sustainable:

✅ dispenser is injection moulded in ABS
✅ rear strut is injection moulded PS
✅ clear cover sleeve is PETG
✅ paper graphic fascia inserts
✅ cardboard outer packaging

  • Compact and small footprint takes up minimal surface area on/off counter to encourage longer life of display instore whilst improving overall retail execution compliance.

If you would like to find out more about this unique design and how we can collaborate on your next design brief, let’s connect:  ➡️ email:

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