Double Gold Winners at SHOP ANZ Retail Marketing Awards

In collaboration with The Ship Agency, our Huggies Train Spectacular and the baby Category at Richies Taren Point tool out top prize in 2 categories:

  • Best Retail Display Design
  • Best Category Management Solution

Huggies Train Spectacular Display Case Study















Here’s an overview of the insights that brought the campaign to life as well as the results that delivered GOLD!

Ritchies wanted to harness the power of the market leading nappy brand to convert that insight into baby category foot traffic. Motivated to provide nappy shoppers with more than just the top-performing nappy, we brought the magic – engaging shoppers (big & small) with an immersive category takeover, complete with a life-sized, bright-red, train spectacular off-location permanent display. With an engine and 2 carriages, each carrying 1 full pallet of stock, the train immediately stopped shoppers in their tracks. It’s category dominating footprint also included interactive floor and wall media and impactful directional signage:

  • 92% increase in sales across the baby category
  • A permanent fixture, holding 2 pallets of Nappy stock, streamlined for super-efficient restocking, makes it a firm favorite with staff



  • Shoppers will switch retailers for their Nappy of choice
  • The baby category, nappies in particular, are one of the few categories for which shoppers will switch their preferred retailer
  • Ritchies identified the baby category as a key metric for success with the launch of their new flagship store at Taren Point
  • New Mums/ parents rely heavily on word of mouth and recommendations to make purchase decisions for their bubs – so our brief was to make the baby category the talk of the town!
  • New parenthood is an incredibly exciting time of life, but it also comes with countless new decisions to be made. The baby category can be a minefield of choice.
  • Our role was to alleviate that stress and make baby shopping as simple and fun as possible.



  • Increase foot traffic to Ritchies’ Baby Category (+5% Volume Sales Baby Category)
  • To achieve off location display space without relying on price promotion


  •  To drive emotional engagement with the baby category
  • Drive max. Exposure for cat


  • To drive AWOP within the baby category (Category Volume)
  • To convert Nappy Shoppers to incremental higher margin purchases (+2% Vol. Wipes)
  • Increase average category spend (+5% Val) (less reliance on price promotion)



  • Themed directional signage positioned above head height, made identifying the category/ subcategories extremely easy
  • Colour Coded header panels to aid brand and product navigation
  • Welcoming floor sign and theatrical wall graphics cemented the baby-centric designs
  • A focus on visual impact, we created a life-sized Train Spectacular complete with front engine and 2 carriages
  • Built in dramatic Red with a category dominating footprint (4.1M long by 1.35M wide) it created a theatrical show-stopping centerpiece


  • Interactive floor media encourage shoppers/ bubs to follow a magical path throughout the category and around the train spectacular.
  • Themed height charts for an immersive experience encouraging repeat visitation.
  • Baby wonderland capped off with our train holding 2 full pallets of stock, with an additional shelf for Wipes encouraging shopability from all 4 sides.
  • Unique drop hinged carriage design allows for easy access to opening carriage gate for efficient stock management – replenishment either by the pallet load or manual stacking.
  • Hashtags and social handles were included on the train to encourage interaction and shareability.


  • A permanent high-impact unit, guarantees off location space for 2 full pallets of Nappies and Wipes
  • Specially constructed shelf on engine ensures Wipes multi-packs get pride of place beside nappies, driving the all-important trade up.
  • Interactive floor graphic drives navigational flow throughout the category encouraging cross category sales


  • Large floor-graphic decals using certified R10-Anti-Slip vinyl for store compliance and shopper safety
  • Multiple decals printed, each die-cut to shape and applied creating a seamless zig-zagging journey throughout category
  • Header panels above bays combine navigational signage with easy access, inconspicuous storage space
  • For efficient stock replenishment, we incorporated a drop hinge system so that a panel can be easily removed to allow a pallet to be frequently switched in/out. Total of 2 carriages plus additional shelf on engine for extra stock:  “All we do is lift this up, and the pallet just slides in” Tanya, Ritchies Staff
  • We needed durability to account for trolley bumps and brushes so a combination of corner bump-ons and a tough paint finish achieved this.
  • Toddlers wouldn’t be able to resist the lure of a Big Red Train, so a non-toxic, non-tarnish varnish was used to repel those sticky hands and add longevity
  • Entire train is made from sustainable reclaimed wood
  • Shoppable from 4 sides to create an insta-worthy instore opportunity to further engage and enhance shopper experience
  • Designed for quick assembly and easy installation


Hailed by Ritchies as ‘setting a new performance benchmark for brands, the category and total grocery’, we converted shoppers to deliver:

  •  158% increase in val. category sales and
  • 363% val. increase for the market leading brand


  • Increase foot traffic to Ritchies’ Baby Category (+5% Volume Sales Baby Category)
  • Category volume increased by 92%* (Compared to 1% decline across Ritchies’ network)
  • Achieve off location display without relying on price
  • Permanent train unit holding 2 pallets of Nappy stock plus Wipe


  • To drive emotional engagement with the baby category Nappy Shoppers love it! “We all bring our kids here, and they love the train” Lauren, Mum & Teacher
  • Drive max. Exposure for cat
  • Ritchies use the train as a category beacon – regularly using photos of their staff with the train on their socials
  • Engaging shoppers (big & small) even before they reach the category: “We talk about it in our Mothers Group chat… We all bring our kids here, and they love the train” Lauren, Mum & Teacher


  • To drive AWOP within the baby category (Category Volume)
  • ** Category volume increased by 92% while the leading brand delivered a 311% increase**
  • To convert Nappy Shoppers to incremental higher margin purchases (+2% Vol. Wipes)
  • Leading brand Wipes Vol. sales increased by 22%*
  • Increase average category spend (+5% Val) (less reliance on price promotion)
  • Category Val sales increased by 158% from a volume increase of 92

The team have completely transformed our Taren Point baby category with the train spectacular. Setting new performance benchmarks for brands, the category and total grocery. We hope to emulate this success across the Ritchies network in the future. Ritchies Buyer Scan 10/21-2/22 v 3/22-7/22

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