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In grocery channels, the Coffee Category is somewhat complex, confusing, and overwhelming with a multitude of brands and products types competing for shopper attention hence current layout presents lack of visibility and choice complexity.

Our Permanent Category Solution, activating the entire Coffee Aisle, was designed to make the shopper journey a more positive experience with higher levels of shopper engagement across multiple Shopper Touch Points:

    • Disrupt shoppers so they can SEE IT!
    • Entice shoppers to CHOOSE IT!
    • Prompt Purchase shoppers to BUY IT!

Combing a simple yet clever modular header & aisle blade hardware system with shelf strip innovation, adding to this, digital activation to drive education at shelf!

Our Permanent Category Activation delivers a highly effective and impactful Coffee Aisle Solution that is simply UNMISSBLE!

  • Disrupt Shoppers by Improving overall Category Visibility (at a distance), Entice and Drive shoppers to journey down  the Coffee Aisle
  • Increase the in-store presence of the entire Coffee Category with simplified, clear and visually appealing Product Segmentation Header Cards & Large Blades (Instants, Capsules, Cafe Style & Fresh)
  • Improve shopper navigation across the different coffee segments and product range within each segment (via use of blades to segment bays)
  • Drive purchase with shopper friendly on shelf product self-selection (via use of shelf stripping innovation with a unique colour coded system)
  • Increase engagement level & educate shoppers (via digital integration of unique QR codes)
  • All elements brought to life via use of clever visual artwork which created a rustic cafe style look and feel within the store

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