GSK TWC Pain Permanent Display

In partnership with Terry White Chemist (TWCM), GSK were tasked with the development of a permanent Pain Solution to aid shopper navigation and clearly differentiate between GSK pain sub-brands and Shoppers’ corresponding pain states.

Design Objectives:

  • Disrupt auto-pilot shopper behaviour in the Pain category by better matching Shoppers with the most appropriate product for their pain states
  • Modular and Versatile design to showcase all GSK’s pain products and enable flexible POG change
  • Interchangeable POS elements to sufficient visual areas to achieve key communication call outs
  • Footprint to satisfy different locations in store
  • Easy installation and environmentally friendly were also critical


Our design offered a one-size-fits all solution to bring all of GSK’s pain relief products onto an easy to shop single stand offering an innovative expandable Tray that can hold the entire product range.

Innovative features of the stand design include:

  • Expandable injection moulded Tray that can house the entire GSK product range
  • Metal structure to provide durability and longevity. Features a slat wall system so trays are removable/adjusted in height
  • Metal header frame is expandable to take a wide or narrow header
  • Unit takes interchangeable side Fin/Blades
  • Multiple interchangeable branding areas to educate & aid product navigation for self-section
  • flat packed efficiently for space optimization
  • easy to assemble and install

Results demonstrated sales growth that superseded initial expectations. Our Permanent Pain Display solution was successful in delivering a holistic pain solution that was eye catching, educational and added value to shoppers which lead to greater shopper engagement levels; – ultimately driving purchase to deliver category growth through leadership thinking and category innovation for GSK and our client.


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