hello Mr Fothergill’s Indoor HydroGarden Elite


  … a sustainably brilliant New Product Release from Mr Fothergill’s Australia – designed in partnership with the team at POPP.

We are so excited to finally see this innovative creation out into the Australian market. Thank you Mr Fothergill’s for this amazing opportunity to collaborate with you on such an exciting and innovative project.


Grow your essential herbs 365 days a year with the help of Mr Fothergill’s Indoor HydroGarden Elite… now you can have your own farm to table experience at home!

Growing indoors has never been easier for the home gardener with this cleverly designed indoor hydroponic system. The HydroGarden Elite is a smart indoor garden kit that provides ideal growing conditions and balanced ratio of water, light and nutrients for a fast and bountiful harvest. HydroGarden Elite Pack comes complete with everything you need to get started; Simply plug in, add water, sow seeds and let HydroGarden Elite take care of the rest!

Check out the UNIQUE DESIGN FEATURES of this unit:

  • A sleek and modern design which comes with interchangeable chalkboard and woodgrain fascia panels to suit any home décor
  • The full spectrum LED grow light has been optimized to effectively replace the sun with photosynthesized light to mimic outdoor growing conditions
    • This built-in timer allows the light to turn itself off at the end of the day (allows the light to automatically cycle through 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness)
    • Features two interchangeable modes to aid plant germination and prolong flowering:
      1. White light is suitable for plant germination, vegetative stages and making your plants grow stronger
      2. Red light is used at the flowering stage to encourage your plants to sprout buds, prolong flowering and increase the amount of leaves
  • Adjust the height of the grow light as your plants get taller by adding the second extension arm
  • The unit features a red marker on the bottom of the float chamber to indicate low water level
  • Comes with uniquely formulated HydroSoil Pods to help minimize mess and feature pre-cut slits for easy insertion of seeds
    • Each HydroSoil Pod contains natural peat and coir, free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Slow-release fertilizer granules ensure even and controlled nutrients.
    • HydroSoil Pods are highly absorbent and provide even distribution of moisture throughout the plants root system
  • Most people kill their indoor plants by pouring water down the centre of the plant, giving the plant more water than it needs. This causes root rot and the plant to die. This indoor HydroGarden Elite was designed with this in mind. The water reservoir with our specially designed grow pot means you don’t have to worry about over watering your plants. They will only use what they need
  • Easy to set up

Grab yourself a HydroGarden Elite pack and start growing today!  Available direct from Mr Fothergill’s  www.mrfothergills.com.au/hydrogarden-elite.html or exclusively available online and across Bunnings stores Nationwide 

  • For more information about this product or any of our design and manufacturing services, contact info@popp.com.au

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