Huggies Spectacular Train Aisle Permanent Display

All Aboard… hello in-store theatre!!

According to Inside Retailer Australia “in today’s competitive business environment, brands need to provide an entertaining, inspiring and efficient shopping experience – or lose customers”. Retailing can be tough, changing customer habits and purchasing behaviour now largely fuelled by technology and discerning customers with higher expectations. Somewhere between 80 to 95% of weekly customers are the same people each week and its harder to attracted these customers unless retailers can create plenty of interest and that comes with change and theatre. Theatre attracts interest , interest creates foot traffic and foot traffic converted is sales!

IGA Ritchies Taren Point Store did just that (in Collaboration with Kimberly Clarke Huggies Team and The Ship Agency) provided the platform for POPP to execute this ‘larger than life idea’ of a Stationary Huggies Train replica to take up an entire aisle as a permanent display in the Baby Care Section.

To create theatre in their Taren Point Store and provide a truly unique Destination Area for Huggies Nappies within the Baby Care Category of this flagship store.

In this store, the Baby Care Category is set all the way back of store so the solution needed to be unmissable in presence in order to grab the shopper’s attention on their journey and help drive traffic to this aisle.

Our focus was to create a talking piece and deliver a gift for the customers allowing every shopper to have an individual unique fun filled and positive experience in store, to share and discuss afterwards. This permanent activation demonstrates how effective in-store theatre can be at disrupting and engaging shoppers on their path to purchase with the objective to make shopping experience fun and to bring enjoyment to shoppers in store.

so All Aboard… it’s show time on this Big, Bright, Spectacular RED & GOLD Huggies Train!   

Its retail visual presence says it all – highly impactful and cuts through the clutter of what used to be a visually ordinary category. Whether you are within close proximity or afar, this show stopper theatrical piece is enough to stop traffic and drive foot traffic down the Baby Care aisle!

Designed with in-depth detail with high quality exterior finishing, engineered with precision and constructed with high craftsmanship, this Train Features:

  • Large Huggies branded dome shaped front engine box (with gold trimming), a smoke chimney attached on top and connected to the driver’s compartment with front and side windows. Sides of the engine detailed with large and small wheels and a connecting Piston rod on each side. Constructed from MDF, spray painted in red and gold with a glossy 2 Pac coated finish.
  • 2 x carriage: each carriage is designed to be fit a standard pallet (1200x1200mm). Branded on all 4 sides with wheels attached to sides for aesthetics. Each carriage can hinge-open from 1 side to remove the pallet/ restock. Also constructed from MDF, spray painted in red with a glossy 2 Pac coated finish

Thank you for allowing us to bring this Big Idea to life as it was a fun project with a quick turn-around time required from concept to installation

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