POPP3D REPLIKA. ‘Larger-than-Life’ 3D Innovation in the most ♻️ Sustainable way!

Our latest #sustainable3Dinnovation will blow you away!


Imagine an EXACT replica of your product – only 10, 20, 100 times BIGGER?

You will be amazed at what we can do to transform your 2D images into impressive 3D displays that will revolutionize the way we Bring your Brands to Life and hero your products to deliver disruption to shoppers, create impact, bring theatre in store and increase shopper engagement.

POPP Unlimited, in collaboration with REPLIKA have combined our local design, print production, fulfilment  and distribution capabilities,  exclusively powered by the patented cutting edge ©StackaWraps Global 3D Software Technology, to transform 2D flat images into impressive ‘Larger than Life’ photorealistic 3D Point of Purchase Displays that will elevate your in-store presence in any retail environment!

These stunning POPP3D Replika Displays are produced without stretch and distortion to deliver a premium quality, low cost sustainable 3D innovation compared to traditional plastic 3D vacuum formed methods.  Produced using only eco-friendly cardboard and/or fibre-paper based substrates that is made from 100% recycled stock and is 100% recyclable after use.  Each display is light weight, easy to assemble and flat packed which is cost efficient to produce, transport and easy to execute in store.

Our expert design team can help bring your brands to life by structurally designing impressive 3D Replika displays to suit your Retail Activation.

From concept to execution, we offer a fully integrated end to end service!

  • ‘Larger than Life’ 3D Display Innovation in the most Sustainable way!
  • Produced from ♻️ 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable ♻️
  • Proudly produced in Australia

How can POPP3D Replika give you the retail cutting edge?

    • Innovative & Disruptive Shopper Engagement
    • Photorealistic 3D Display with true to form precise shape
    • Unique and cutting edge global patented 3D Software technology
    • High quality 3D Point of Purchase Displays
    • ♻️ 100% recycled & is 100% recyclable (no plastic)
    • Complete design & production customisation for maximum activation results
    • Premium Quality, Precise shaping, photo-realism 3D form without stretch or distortion
    • Production & Logistic cost efficiencies
    • Low minimum order
    • Unique self-locking design features to enable super easy assembly.
    • Easy Assembly & Flat Packed to minimize carbon footprint logistics (freight & storage)
    • Shipping & Distribution Australia-wide available
    • Proudly produced in Australia with quick turnaround times
We can custom design your unique POPP3D Replika Display or just integrate the 3D element into your existing POS Display Stands – which ever works best for you!


Areas of application are endless…

    • 3D Free-standing counter card or counter header
    • 3D Free-standing floor display cut out/standee
    • 3D Floor Stand Header Cards
    • 3D Side Panels & Header on Case Stackers
    • 3D Pallet Displays
    • 3D Gondola End Spectacular Modular Display
    • 3D Ceiling /Mobile Displays
    • 3D Aisle Blades or Shelf highlighters
    • 3D A-frames or Footpath Interrupters
    • 3D Oversized Theatre Pieces
    • 3D Product Replika GWP Giveaways & Prizes
    • 3D Bespoke NPD & Special Events pieces
    • 3D POP Out Wall Art Collectibles
    • 3D POP Heads ‘Colour Your Own’ 3D Collectible
    • 3D Licensed cartoon characters, wild animals, iconic vehicles, and all types of sporting paraphernalia
    • Oversized Greeting Cards


Here’s how we work with you:

1. Send us your 2D image files ⇒ Send us your 2D hi-res images or products for our studio to photograph

2. We make it 3D ⇒ Our creative techies will convert into 3D print ready files capturing full sensory detailing and photorealism without stretch or distortion using patented © StackaWraps Global software. We will take care of all the structural mechanics of the display construction

3. You Approve It ⇒  Digitally printed 3D mock ups are produced and shared with you for testing and final approval

4. Start Production⇒  Once signed off, Master files are prepared for production. Finished items are flat packed and prepared for shipping (with super easy assembly instructions & videos)

5. Delivery & Distribution ⇒ Individually packed or bulk packed, we can deliver all to one location or allocate Direct to Store Nation wide


Check out our range of Impressive Larger-than-Life POPP3D Replika Displays:

POPP3D REPLIKA_Woolies on Wheels Jersey

POPP3D REPLIKA_Heineken Bottle

POPP3D REPLIKA_Heineken Bottle 360

POPP3D REPLIKA_Heineken Gondola Arch Display

POPP3D REPLIKA_Spritz Pallet Topper

POPP3D REPLIKA_Furphy Bottle




POPP3D REPLIKA_Hennessy Sample




POPP3D REPLIKA_Canadian Club Sweater

POPP3D REPLIKA_Socceroo Jersey

POPP3D REPLIKA_Wallabies Jersey


POPP3D REPLIKA_Jack Daniel & Stand

POPP3D REPLIKA_Jack Daniel Standee



POPP3D REPLIKA_Lorraine Lea Kids Cancer Project PJ Bear




From 2D to 3D – we will bring it to life – If you are interested to see how we can integrate this sustainable 3D innovation into your next Retail Activation or consumer campaign, get in touch: info@popp.com.au  / +61 0414 323 399


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