L’OR Permanent Modular Displays

JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS & L’OR Espresso mission was to create mass awareness of its range of premium NCC capsules and emulate the high-end capsule shopping experience with this modular permanent display to recruit new shoppers to the category and brand. Working with The Mix Agency to bring this solution to life and deliver category thought leadership and new news for the retailer.

Our shop in shop solution housed the full portfolio of L’OR capsules and could be modified into 3 different configurations using one seamless solution, allowing L’OR to activate within any store format or footprint across a range of retailers. The 3-bay, 4-bay and 360 shop-able cube configurations could be activated as free-standing displays and tailored to suit any POG with the flexibility of interchangeable dress up kits. An oversized 3D L’OR coffee capsule replica was activated as a thematic header piece to act as a beacon in store.

The L’OR modular display also drove education with shoppers with the use of colour coded shelf strips and blades that communicated coffee intensity, provenance, and taste profiles. The impactful, disruptive display was placed in high traffic locations adjacent to the fresh and bakery sections to target the small basket shopper on a quick trip mission and prompt impulse purchase directly from the display. The prime location outside of aisle also addressed shopper’s lack of awareness of NCC’s availability in grocery.

Unique features of the Permanent Display include:

  • Modular system of generic single bays connecting to each other to build multiple configurations (3-bay, 4-bay, cube)
  • Ability for modules to be dressed up with interchangeable POS Kit to tailor the activation for each store’s POG and limited-edition NPD launches
  • Connecting bracket to secure the single Bays together and provides an anchor point to connect the 3D Coffee Capsule
  • Shopper education with blades & shelf strip colour coded system
  • Oversized 3D L’OR Coffee Capsule replica as a thematic header piece
  • Left & Right 3D vac formed end caps
  • 3D vac formed using high quality water transfer technique
  • Modules are quick and easy to assemble by field team
  • High quality powder coated metal structure for durability and longevity
  • Mobile solution on castors for easy movement & placement
  • Open shelves for product visibility, ease of shop-ability and quick stock replenishment

The L’OR Permanent Modular Display achieved outstanding success across 3 key independent retailers.

Prime locations secured in store adjacent to bakery and fresh produce which drove impulse purchase with basket shoppers.

The strong performance during the trial has led to requests to extend the placements for another 12 months and place additional units across the store network.

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